Tuesday 13 December 2011

Important Terms and Conditions of the self driving car rentals in Bangalore

The providers weekly or monthly car rental in Bangalore would invariably require some of their conditions to be met before they give their vehicles to the clients for rentals. Some of these conditions might be pertaining to:
  1. Age: The person must be of legal driving age. Some companies might deliberately put the age requirements a little higher than the minimum driving age.
  2. Fuel and Chauffer charges: These are generally exclusive of car rental charges and the renter has the bear these from own pocket.
  3. Initial Deposit: Since the cars would be handed over to the tourists, the companies would take some deposit as charges for covering the risks pertaining to the accidents and collisions. Under agreement, the renter is liable for paying full damages if the driving is in contravention of the Motor Vehicles Act. However, for accident collisions, the damages for the renter is liable extend to the maximum of amount deposited.
  4. Valid Driver License: The renter must have a valid driver license.
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