Wednesday 21 December 2011

Self drive car rental in Delhi Gurgaon Mumbai Hyderabad Chennai Bangalore

The self drive car rental business in India is still in its infancy. Besides the limited number of players providing this service, there is also a lack of proper market development. Since the cost of hiring the chauffer driven car is not much due to the low cost of labor, the idea of taking on rent the self driven car in Delhi seldom comes to the mind of people. The market for these cars is developing slowly and there are certain set of conditions where the self driven cars could be better options to the chauffer driven ones.

Knowledge of Routes

For the domestic travelers, taking the self drive car in Bangalore or any other city is not a problem especially when there is a good knowledge of the main traveling routes as well as the alternative routes.

GPS installed cars and knowledge of its operation

If one does not know the routes but still goes for the GPS car rental services, then there shall be the knowledge of using the GPS devices so that driving is done on the mapped routes. This might also be one of the requirements of the services providers that the routes shall not be deviated from the ones which are already mapped in the device before first communicating the same to the operators.

Routine traffic problems

Handling the routine problems like the traffic jam during the peak hours as well as tackling the beggars and policeman alike would not be a problem either since domestic travelers are not alien to these problems. Therefore, one can find domestic travelers using this self drive car in Mumbai service more than the foreigners.

Privacy and Space requirement

The requirement of more privacy and the need for that extra seat of the driver could also lead to taking of the self driven car. If you are with the family or even with you beloved and want to spend some time in privacy, you might look for car without the driver. Further, even when there is a requirement of talking confidential business with the partners, you may not like to have the driver to be listening to your conversation.

Saving Expenses

Some of the companies also want the self drive car in Chennai or other cities for their employees who might need these for their job-related commutation. Instead of offering them the car buy options, the companies prefer to give them a car to drive. By doing so, the companies prevent the extra charges which the companies might have to pay in respect of the driver for each such car hired. Also, the companies prevent the capital costs which would have been incurred in the purchase of these vehicles and would rather prefer incurring the recurring revenue expenditure in the form of rentals.

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