Thursday 20 October 2011

How to be secure while taking a car on rent?

When it comes to traveling to any other country, the security concerns are bound to be there, even if you are traveling to the places considered to be the safest places on earth. These security concerns are during the course of traveling, living and even venturing out to the different places. Since the most commonly used mode of travel is by taking a car on rent, the security concerns related to the use of this medium need to be addressed. Here are some suggestions on how to be secure while taking the service of car hire in India.

The first step is to make use of the internet to look for the most credible company providing the car for rent services. The website of the company could be a good pointer. But, it is not the design of the website but the element of credibility which you shall look in to know establish the credibility of the company. Awards, testimonials from clients, members of professional organizations and other criteria provide a good insight. Then, you can always check out for the adverse remarks for the company in the complaint boards. Also, most of the tourist cars are fitted with the GPS systems where the movements of the cars are closely monitored by the tour operators. You can know whether the cars would be fitted with this device or not well in advance before making the booking.

Once you have done the online car booking and arrived in the destination country, then you shall get in touch with the car company which shall inform you about number and make of the car which they have sent for you. Normally, placards are carried by the drivers at the airports or stations to take the passengers but as an additional measure you can make a call to the company and ask them about the car number and the name of the driver. You can ask the identity card from the driver.

Once you are ready to take your seat in the car, you can even check for the registration papers of the car to make sure that the papers carry the same number as is there on the number plate of the car. In case of discrepancy, you can simply avoid traveling in it and even call the company telling them about the discrepancy.

There could be times when you can not do the online car booking in advance. In that situation, it would be good to take the car on rent from the prepaid booths established by the tourism departments of State governments so that you do not get unnecessarily troubled by the unscrupulous car for hire service providers.
There could also be times when you might require to self drive car. The number of players providing this service is less as compared to the ones who provide the car for rent along with drivers. This could be a more secure way of traveling to any foreign country.

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