Thursday 27 October 2011

Uses Of GPS Technology In Car Rental India Businesses

The Global positioning System is a satellite based navigation system which pinpoints the exact location of an object on the surface of earth on real time basis. The technology has found a number of applications for the public. The transportation industry, including the car rental India businesses, has been a major beneficiary of this technology. The GPS devices are affixed on the cars whose positions are to be tracked on real-time basis. The movements can be monitored by the remote control centers.
The use of GPS has become more practical due to this technology becoming more affordable. The use of this technology by the car rental India service providers has proved advantageous in many ways. Some of these are:
1. More efficient operation of fleet: For car rental Delhi companies providing the pan-India operations, there is more to be gained by way of minimizing the losses due to route changes by the drivers. With any deviation of the routes being constantly monitored from the remote stations through the GPS devices, the drivers can be questioned for changing the route and stoppages.
Also, in case of accidents or other problems, especially in the remote locations, the same can be known well in time and verifiably by the management of the car rental Chennai companies.
2. More security: With GPS technology there can be better security of the vehicle as well as of the passengers who take the car rental Pune services for commutation. Its use as an anti-theft device for the cars has been well established. There have been a number of instances where the stolen vehicles have been recovered due to the capability to track these.
Further, the passengers can feel more secure since their movements can be recorded by the car rental Mumbai service providers.
3. Better Management: With one main controlling station capable of tracking the entire fleet using the computer based internet connectivity with the GPS devices installed in the vehicles, there can be good management of the operations. This allows for better planning, control and operation of the multiple-location car rental Hyderabad or car rental Bangalore business. Since the drivers are always under the scanner, it prohibits them from acting with wrong intention.
4. Gives a Competitive Edge: Another benefit of the installed GPS device is that the visitors are more likely to use your car rental Kolkata services due to a better sense of security. Your competitors, who do not have these installed, are likely to loose out on the business. Especially the tourists coming from abroad are likely to make use of those cars for traveling which have these installed and fully functional.
GPS technology is used in conjunction with the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technology so as to identify the different geo-spatial elements along with the location of the object. This helps to determine the exact location of vehicles with a clear knowledge of the surrounding elements, leading to easy recognition of the place. As car rental India business has grown, so has the use of these devices in the cars.

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