Wednesday 12 October 2011

Travel: Sole Major Reason for the Phenomenal Growth of Car Hire in India

Increasing sales of the cars is one of the indicators of the growth of economy and of the rise in disposable incomes of the individuals. There are two dimensions of the sale of the cars. These sales could be for personal use and also for the car rental India services. While the growth of cars for personal use is an indicator of the growing prosperity, the increase in the sale for car hire in India indicates the growing need of commutation by the people for varied reasons. Therefore, the reasons for the phenomenal growth of the car hire services are the same as the ones that lead to increased dynamism and movement of the people.

Travel and tourism has been a major contributing factor. Post liberalization, there has been frequent movement of people from other parts of the world to India and this has meant that the car hire in India cities has always been in high demand. The increasing interest of the foreigners in the sights and sounds of India has made them visit the various places. Whether it is the spiritual and religious inclination, their search for the mystics, learning about and feeling the culture of India, witnessing its many diversities, wild-life tourism, historical-tourism or traveling even for the business purposes, the tourist rush has increased year after year. And, for this reason, the car hire in Delhi and other metros has particularly seen a soaring demand.

This demand has not only come from the foreign travel operators but also from the domestic ones. People are more mobile within the country than ever before and for a variety of reasons. This domestic travel and tourism has also led to the pan-India increase in demand for car hire. Whether it is the service providers of car hire in Chennai or the car hire in Mumbai, there has been an India-wide increase in the demand for car rental services.

While these are reasons associated with the long distance travel that have led to the growth of rental services, there has been higher demand even for local commutation despite the growth of sales of the personal cars. One of the major reasons for this short-distance car hire in Hyderabad or car hire in Delhi services has been the emergence of working hubs in nearby cities. The establishment of industrial and economic belts and regions has made the employees commute to these places using the company transport, be it the bus or the cab. Most of the time, the cabs have been the most preferred means of commutation between the workplaces and the residences. And, these cabs are provided by the car rental India service providers to these companies on contract basis.

With easy car financing, strong automotive manufacturing base and the ready market demand, the car hire in India has provided good business opportunities to the people. And, the smart ones have not missed to capitalize on this opportunity to grow really big.

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