Sunday 9 October 2011

Three Major Price Determinants of Car and Driver Hire India Services

When you are looking to travel in the cities of India, you would inevitably need the car on hire for commutation. And, there is no dearth of people and companies willing to provide these services. Just make some searches on the internet and you will find innumerable service providers. It is also quite understandable that you would be asking the questions on the prices of the car and driver hire India services provided by them. The service providers would be asking some basic questions before telling you the prices that are charged by them. These questions are the factors of price determination of car hire.

Place of Travel
Pick-up and drop-off points are the first important things to be asked for. Distance is the first major consideration when it comes to pricing of the car hire services. If it is the travel between the cities, using the highways, then the price per kilometre could be less than what is charged for intra-city travel due to volume of traffic.

Type of Car
When you are going for the car hire in Mumbai or other metro cities, you can get almost any type of car that you need for travel. From the small cars to the luxury Sedans, almost any type of car can be had for travelling. Smaller cities or towns may not have too many luxury cars to offer on the platter. Naturally, the rates of car hire would be higher as the price of the car goes up. No longer is the distance the sole consideration in price determination. Brand of the car and its exclusivity become the major price determinants for the higher end cars.
While talking about the types of car in metros, say for the car hire in Delhi, another consideration is the fuel on which these are running. But, this is something which you shall ask the provider. The cost of the fuels and the mileage of car vary the car rentals. Most of the cars used for this purpose are run either on diesel or the gas fuel, such as CNG. Petrol is not preferred normally unless the make of the car requires only petrol.

With or Without Chauffer
Though providing the driver along with the car is the normal practice of the service providers, there are some companies which can allow you to drive the car with due express arrangements and agreements on safe and trouble-free driving. Most of the time, these providers enter into institutional arrangements with the companies for without chauffer car hire services.
However, for the people who are new visitors to any city, it is suggested that the car and driver hire India services shall be opted. This way you make your travel easier, leaving the road-and-driving related problems to be sorted out by the drivers. Also, the overall prices for the without-chauffer car hire in Bangalore services many not be less as compared to the with-chauffer services. 

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