Monday 21 November 2011

car hire in Delhi services

The cars are taken on rent by people who need to commute without the use of their own vehicles. These people could be the tourists coming from other parts of the country or from abroad. These could even be the employees of the company who need to commute to their place of work on daily basis. The car hire in Delhi services are provided by the companies for meeting the demand from these two separate segments, one of the retail customers and the other, of the institutions or the corporate bodies.

There are some differences in the nature of car rental Delhi services required by these two segments. An understanding of these key differences helps the providers to explore business opportunities and develop their growth plans. A retail customer might want the car hire in Mumbai on an ad hoc basis, that is, as and when the demand for the same arises whereas the institutional bodies might want the cars on a more regular and predictable basis. The retail customer would simply establish the contact, select the car, settle for a price and hire the car. However, on the other hand, the arrangement of the pick and drop facility with the car rental services providers is an example of pre-determined institutional requirement.

The institutional car rental arrangements are done by entering into a contractual agreement for a specific period of time whereas there is no such requirement of the same for retail customers. The retail investors can take the car on rent any time whereas the timings are mostly fixed for institutional services requirements. Institutions are also more likely to avail of the self drive car services on a large scale for their senior employees who might want the company to provide the separate car for their commutation. The company might prefer taking the self drive cars services since they would like flexibility of using the cars at the time of their convenience without worrying about the charges of the chauffer. Retail clients are less likely to go for a self drive car unless there is a want of one extra seat or privacy is desired or there is a familiarity with the traffic laws and condition. To that end, the institutions are better users of these services than the retail clients.

The Institutional car rental Mumbai services enable the providers to strengthen on their fundamental operations. By pre-determining the need for a particular number of cars required by an institution, the yearly contractual arrangement is worked out. It is a good business model to increase the business volumes and profitability in a short span of time. On the other hand, the car rental in Delhi services for retail customers follows a much more simplistic pricing model based on each customer requirements.

The need for both the institutional and retail car rental services has increased phenomenally over the past two decades, especially in the major cities. This has been due to increase in the movement of the people from one part of city to the other for employment purposes and also due to the pick up witnessed in the travel and tourism sector.


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