Monday 14 November 2011

Why is the car and driver hire in India a good option?

India has a number of tourist attractions which makes tourists from around the globe come here for sight seeing during their vacations. The strong transportation network including the rail, road and air transport systems provide the necessary backbone support to the travel industry and enable the tourists to choose from a range of option. Travelling by road and by using the car rental services offered by many providers is the most common choice for reaching the destinations. The services of car rental in Delhi can be taken with or without the driver. Although most of the providers do provide cars with the drivers, some also provide the self driven cars.

If you are not used to driving on the roads and highways of India and are not accustomed with the traffic rules and general road behaviour, then it is better not to drive on your own. Rather, taking the services of the car and driver hire in India could be a better option. This might be a little more expensive than the self drive option but is worth spending the sum. It is not prohibitively expensive since the labour rates are quite cheap in India. So, it will not pinch your pockets even if you have to take the long term monthly car rental services.

With a chauffer driven car, you can simply relax and keep focussed on sight of the sights and sounds of India, watching the people and places around even while driving on the roads. The driver will take care of the traffic problems be it the jams that you encounter on the city roads or even the occasional interruption by the traffic policeman on the way. If the car meets with some problem be it the tyres getting flat or the some other problem, the driver can arrange for the help without your worrying about it. It is not easy to drive on the Indian roads since the rules of traffic are flouted very often by the people. Therefore, a car and driver hire in India could be of great help. Further, he can prove to be instrumental in warding off the beggars and other unwanted people from the vicinity of the car. So, his presence enhances the feeling of security since he knows how to tackle the people on the road.

There might also be situations where you need some emergency help. This could be some medical attention or a need for quick communication. In these scenarios, the driver can take you to the nearest help points, be it the hospitals or the telephone booths. His awareness of the surrounding areas can be of help at crucial junctures.

With so many positive points in favour of taking the services of a driver, you might be willing to make the most of this option of the car rental in India services providers. Not surprisingly, therefore, you find most of the car taxis being driven by the drivers on roads.

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