Tuesday 8 November 2011

Enjoy the self drive car for your journey

The market for the self drive car is not well developed in India. The availability of the cheap chauffer driven cars, the concerns of the owners for the upkeep of their cars and the general apprehensions among the customers on the conditions of the cars are the three main reasons for the under developed market for the self driven car in India. However, it is also a fact that there is no joy greater than driving a car on your own hand. There are many benefits of the same, some of which are listed below:
1. The advantage of getting one extra seat is always there. So, if you are about five people, you can take one small car for hire. There is no need to spend more by taking the two chauffer driven cars.
2. Greater privacy: There could be times when you would be interested in having the car hire India for self drive since it provides better privacy. Whether you want to go along with the family or with the friends, you would like to go for self driven car. Similarly, if you looking for privacy due to some business or commercial reasons, you would prefer opting for the car for hire.
3. Greater control over the driving: Some people simply trust their own hand in driving. They would feel safer if they are behind the steering rather than the driver. The driver could be rash and negligent in driving. Further, the driver could be tired and might even be sleepy on the long drive which could prove to be dangerous. Further, the driver might be taking up some other car or vehicle in front for the race. These reasons or apprehensions about the drivers could make the people take to self driving.
4. Lesser prices: For long drive, the chauffer driven car is an expensive proposition as compared with the self drive car. The difference in prices could be as much as two times.
5. Familiarity with place: When you are already familiar with the place where you are visiting and are familiar with the traffic situation, then it makes sense to do car booking for self drive one only. The familiarity of the place will make you avoid the mistakes which could get you in problems.
These are some of the obvious benefits which can make a person take to self drive. The car rentals companies are aware of the need of the people but they are wary of giving the cars away to the customers who are not familiar to them. The self drive outstation car rental option is limited to the small size cars or it is the institutional clients who need these cars for their employees and visitors. With travel business increasing manifolds, the segment of people on the domestic travel who are looking for the self driven cars is also witnessing the increase. However, for the people who are coming from foreign countries, the chauffer can not be dispensed with.

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