Thursday 3 November 2011

How to arrange for the last minute car hire service?

Normally, people take to travelling in a well planned and organized way. They would take their time in selecting the various service providers so that they get the best of services at best of the rates. However, it is not always the case that there is so much of time available for taking a long term car rentals services. There might be some situations where you need to get the last minute car hire service at the best of prices.

There could be some emergency which has struck which requires quick movement from you. Also, there could be a last minute change of plans and you have been ordered by your boss to take to traveling. It could also be due to your habit of procrastinating things till the last minute that you have to take to the last minute car rental services. You unorganized works might also be the reason for your not booking the car for hire in advance. Your unplanned traveling requirements at odd times could also lead to call the one way car rental service. It could also be due to the fact that the other transportation arrangements have to be cancelled due to some reason and the long term car rental services have to be opted. So, there could be umpteen reasons due to which you have to call for this service at the nick of time.

When you are in hurry, it is best to call the same service provider whom you have used in the past. There are good chances that the other providers will charge you more than the reasonable sums if your urgency comes to their knowledge. So, the first thing when you make a call to them is to speak in a normal and calm tone as if you are having all the time in your life for making the selection of the right service provider. Do not tell them the time period for which you need the services in the beginning. Just ask them their rates for a day and then incrementally ask for weekly car rental prices for the full time period. Keep a check the extent to which the provider is able to reduce the prices. If you tell the number of days at once, then the prices may not be reduced.

When you need the one way car hire service then you are always on the losing wicket since you will have to pay for the trip both ways. This is the most common refrain from the service providers that if they do not get the occupancy for the back journey, they still have to bear the cost of fuel. So, they will charge you for both the sides of journey.

It is important to understand on what points you can negotiate with the car provider without getting late and on which points you will not have the leverage. This will require quick decision making and deft communication skills. However, it is still better to speak to two or three providers of car rentals services, provided you can spare some time and are in the right mental frame to do the negotiations.

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